The design team at Swimming Pool Studio gave PARAS café a thoroughly minimalist style with clean lines and bright colors.  Floor-to-ceiling windows run along the length of its exterior wall.  This lets PARAS pop in bold white letters above the transparent entry.

Sculptural white metal trapezoids hang above the modern coffee bar.  These work as a neat complement to band of geometric shapes on the floor and counter.  The bright blue in this pattern also mirrors the cafe’s royal blue ceiling.  All in all, this symmetry gives the design a seamless quality.

The dining area to the left is the perfect place to work or study.  You can easily imagine pulling up to one of the small, exterior tables with coffee and a laptop.  Or, you could meet with a study group at the central, communal table.

White and blue walls provide a light, uncomplicated backdrop that will not distract studious patrons. They are lined with modern, circular mirrors, small enough so you won’t get side-tracked people-watching.  Overhead, exposed light bulbs complete the modern look.  (Photography by Peter Dixie and courtesy of Arch Daily)

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