Don’t shortchange your small outdoor area. If you have a tiny terrace, balcony, outdoor entry or patio, you can create a fresh and inviting space for entertaining and outdoor living with the best small patio products. We’ve rounded up seven of the best small outdoor spaces for inspiration and products to get the look.

1. Use the floor space of your small balcony

Seating options that don’t fold or collapse may not work if you have a small terrace or balcony. Opt for beanbags or floor pillows for seating. Guests may love the novelty of sitting on the floor in a more intimate, casual style.

When selecting the floor cushions, look for outdoor-rated fabric that can handle the elements. Add a small, rolling grill that can move or be stored elsewhere when not in use.

2. A small balcony design that maximizes a corner

This small balcony creates a cozy sitting area in the corner. Modular outdoor seating in the form of armless chairs can be grouped to expand or be repositioned.

Finish the look with an outdoor area rug that defines the space, a square poof or ottoman that can double as a coffee table or extra seat, hurricane candles that light up the area and plenty of potted plants.

3. Small terrace decorating ideas that use the rails or walls

Make the most of a tiny nook by maximizing the space. First, lay wood floor tiles to beautify the small terrace. Add a storage bench to double as a seat with cushions on top for comfort. Then find items that can hang from the railing, such as grill, shelves and planters. Be sure local fire codes allow you to hang your grill on your railing.

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