The expansion of this Parisian apartment by Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta began when two clients wanted more room for their two young children. The clients already owned the ground floor flat, but they bought the floor above their apartment to build a children’s area as they grew their family.

In Parisian apartments, space is a precious commodity. The primary challenge of the renovation was making the new staircase as discreet an addition as possible, according to the architects. The base includes a small bookshelf built into the solid wooden steps. The rest of the staircase nearly melts into the air, joining the geometric pattern against the supporting wall.

The upstairs space is evenly divided for two children, giving each one an individualized space for their activities. Caramel colored carpet melts into a herringbone pattern wooden floor, which matches the lounge area just below at the base of the stairs.

While the lounge and kitchen on the ground floor occupy the same open area, the space is visually divided; the lounge is light and neutrally colored, while the kitchen is awash in dark green. Neutral colored cabinets mirror the color palette of the lounge space, creating a visual connection.

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